Beekeeping Courses and Equipment

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Preserving the future of bees through teaching and living beekeeping

Beekeeping Courses

Our course are for those who have an interest in bee farming. For those who already have bee hives, but need more practical information and experience. And for those who want know more about beekeeping, even as a hobby.

The courses offers beginners as well as emerging beekeepers practical advice and equipment.

You will learn ...

Beekeeping Equipment

We supply imported as well as locally manufactured beekeeping products.

Our products are of the highest quality and is designed to make your life as a beekeeper enjoyable and productive. We stock ...


Lynnette Seidl

"After the hands-on experience during the practical part of the course. I am inspired to do my share and make sure that these amazing creatures live on. 

I will recommend the course to anyone. "

Jaco Ferreira

"I have already attended three courses presented by Honey & Hives. Every time I learn and experience something new.

They are always available if you have a question while working your own bees - 'phone-a-friend'.

They let you feel as if you are part of their 'team'."

Raymond Wienand

"It started out as an interest for me. But it's become a passion. I never expected to learn so much in one single course.

They are passionate and eager to share their knowledge with anybody that's willing to listen.

I highly recommend this course to anybody that wants to learn more about bees and beekeeping."
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