Meet the Team

Werner Muller

Werner started farming with bees at the early age of 19 years. After three years, he almost gave up as it felt like the bees did not really make honey (or MONEY). Fortunately, he continued and 21 years later he is a professional commercial beekeeper.

There are only about 21 professional beekeepers in South Africa. Werner is one of the few farmers who could produce 10 tonnes of honey in a flow and so belongs to the 10 Ton Club.

Werner built his farming business, Summer Sunshine, to manufacture beehives, supers and stands. The factory produces averaged 250 hives per month. The hives are of the highest quality and can last for up to 20 years.

With the growth of Summer Sunshine, Werner could not handle everything, and Yochanan Smith became part of the team.

Yochanan Smith

In 2013 Yochanan bought some beehives and tried to farm bees as a hobby. After many struggles and bad results, he approached Werner for help and advice.

They immediately connected and ties were forged. Yochanan now deals with the marketing of Honey & Hives and their product range.

Yochanan is also responsible for creating the training material for the beekeeping courses.

Werner's passion, knowledge and experience of bees were transferred to Yochanan. It was decided to share it with others by offering beekeeping courses.
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