Beekeeping Courses

Our courses are for those who have an interest in bee farming. For those who already have bee hives, but need more practical information and experience. And for those who want know more about beekeeping, even as a hobby.
The courses offers beginners as well as emerging beekeepers practical advice and equipment.

You will learn about the conservation of, and farming with bees. You will gain knowledge of the labor and input scope of bee farming.

At the end of the course, you will have valuable knowledge of the composition of a hive and colony, the life cycle of the queen, drone bees and worker bees.
You will learn how to manage and handle a colony with necessary inspections and practical application

You will also learn how to act preventative against diseases and the spread of diseases.

Besides the theory, the course has a very practical impact. Real bee hives with bees will are used in the training. Attendants are provided with protective suits for the practical part of the course.

Because bees usually work in the evening, the course will only begin in the afternoon..

Course Content

1. Introduction to Beekeeping

- What is Beekeeping?
- Why do you want to keep bees?

2. Honey village: Apis mellifera Scutellata

- Anatomy
- Scutellata Family
- Life Cycle

3. How to start

- Hive and hive composition
- How to get your own swarm

4. Your safety

- Protection Equipment
- Tools

5. Hive stands

- Knowledge of the area
- Where to put hives
- Placement density - how many hives  per site

6. Hive management

- How to approach a hive
- When to visit a hive
- How to open a hive
- Hive inspection
- Inspection timetable
- Inspections
- Good inspection reports

7. Honey production

- How does bees make honey
- Different honey flows
- When to harvest honey

8. Swarming off

- Why bees swarm of
- How do you determine if a colony is ready to swarm of?
- How to prevent a colony from swarming of
- How to take advantage of bees' heat
- Splitting a hive

9. Importance of the Queen

- Virgin Queen
- Old Queen
- Weak queen
- Renewal of Queen

10. Hive problems

- Weak colonies
- Laying workers
- Illnesses

11. Honey

- Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties
- Composition of honey

12. Practical

- Inspection of hives and property
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